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27th January 2018
Spazio Niko Romito is open!
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A new way of valuing Italian enogastronomic through emotion, experience and entertainment.



Italia Cibum

The Italia Cibum team was born aimed at promoting Italian enogastronomic values and food excellence both in Italy and all over the world by offering restaurant services, culinary training, enogastronomic tourism, and many services related to the word of food.


Spazio Niko Romito

Spazio Niko Romito is the new format of contemporary Italian cuisine based on the experience of Reale, Niko Romito’s restaurant with 3 Michelin stars, from which it takes its philosophy, adapting it to a more informal style. Italia Cibum is going to develop and export this format abroad starting with the main world capitals.



Italian Spirit

Every food, every table has its own story to tell. Our great challenge is communicating hospitality, quality, interaction, involvement, and participation all at the same time. Italia Cibum ambition is to make food and eating perceived as a key-ingredient typical of our culture and our way of being. In short, we are talking about the most authentic Italian identity.


International breadth

The vision is a global one. Italian spirit is the pivot of the project, but the language we use to communicate it has an international breadth. The offer of made in Italy is made in a modern, contemporary, and innovative way, suitable to talk to an attentive and cosmopolitan public. The business idea is to export our lifestyle all over the world, making it easy to follow and recognisable for any culture and eating habit.


Mixed skills

The Italia Cibum team boasts a unique composition that joins entrepreneurship, food knowledge, analytical skills, strategy, and market service. This means that everything produced by Italia Cibum is supported by a practically unique mix of knowledge. Italia Cibum has numerous partnerships with Associations, Corporations and Institutions in the sector.

Integrated supply chain

Italia Cibum has ensured the entire supply chain, from production to the consumer, from catering to marketing, from distribution to training, from enogastronomic tourism to specific services for companies, combining energy and ideas, creating a sharing of experience that is unique in this sector.

Territorial Culture

Italia Cibum has selected a vast database of culinary excellence made in Italy, made through years of nurturing loyalty in producers who work at the highest level in research, respect, and preservation of the specialties and territories.

Italia Cibum business portfolio