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A new way of doing business

Italia Cibum SpA operates through four distinct branches, in just as many areas of activity, from restaurants to amateur cooking school, from enogastronomic tourism to communication. Thus creating a unique ecosystem of enogastronomy around the world, bringing together different skills and professions that are complementary and practical. A new way of doing business in the enogastronomic field.

Italia Cibum operates through four lines

Italia Cibum Touring is dedicated to enogastronomic tourism and presents itself as the first Italian Food Destination Management Company, proposing travel itineraries that are chosen due to their important role in the great Italian gastronomic tradition.

Italia Cibum Touring illustrates the flavors of the territory, promoting regional specialties, especially those that deserve to be rediscovered and protected.

Food is culture and, most of all, a reclaiming of identity. The hospitality and entertainment business involves Italian enogastronomic excellence as a key aspect of our country’s culture, a platform that is full of potential and rich in opportunities.

Finally, considering that Italy contains the world’s largest number of regulated and protected foods, it is easy to understand how food has become a true language for our territory.

Our packages are created with the idea of ​​involving guests in a series of live experiences based on preparation and consumption so that they can discover the specialties of the territory, as well as the settings for cultivation, livestock, and production in the different regions of Italy, promoting them through careful documentation and storytelling.

The visits and tastings are carried out by the custodians of the territory: winemakers, farmers, millers, cheesemakers, fishermen, and all who express the identity of our cuisine through the traditions and methods of production and conservation.

The main idea is to create an interactive experience, to get your hands dirty and be in touch with the earth.


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A noble and strongly characterized culinary tradition, the Piedmontese cuisine enjoys limitless cheese production, world-famous meats, and wines of the highest quality, not to mention the majesty of its truffles.

A Taste Of


From the taste of Adriatic fish to the dishes of the hills and mountains, the Marche offers an incredible variety of aromas that change from one landscape to the next. A land where each flavor is accompanied by its own wine.

A Taste Of


Come experience the smells and flavors that permeate the island. It is impossible to be unaffected by the gastronomic experience offered by Sicilian cuisine, resulting from a fusion of the many cultures that have occupied the island.

Italia Cibum Projects is the branch of Italia Cibum SpA that specializes in planning, organization, and communication, aimed at training and providing support for producers, service providers, restaurateurs, event organizers, and companies operating in the enogastronomic sector in both Italy and abroad.

Italia Cibum Projects has developed a new, revolutionary agency model for communication and marketing that brings the experience of professionals from different sectors all together under one roof.

This way, the structure proposed on the market provides a global vision that is unique and more complete.

Along with communication and events, logistics and marketing, there is also the addition of specific food managers who allow for a level of output that results from a profound knowledge of the enogastronomic sector and its rules.

The Piazza Verdi Laboratory is a multifunctional space found in one of the most central and beautiful areas of Rome.

It is characterized by its initiatives in the presentation of enogastronomic products, its individual and business catering service, and its organization of private events.

All of which is included in the ‘educational and training’ context of an amateur cooking school structured with innovative and original courses that demonstrate cooking directed by emerging Teaching Chefs and special courses, with the special participation of the internationally celebrated Chef Stellati.

It is aimed at an amateur public that is interested in learning and sharing issues related to Italian food culture.

This is an international project, created to be spread across the world.

– Amateur Cooking School

– Courses of various duration with programs for education and training

– Food services

– Services at client premises with customized proposals

– Organization of private and corporate events

– Chef for a night, small chefs, team building, product presentation, photographic work, and video shooting

This is a format of contemporary Italian cuisine where students of Niko Romito Formazione complete their academic experience, giving them a professional approach to the world of work.

Spazio is an idea accelerator where young cooks experiment, grow, study, and share the culture of food.

Spazio Niko Romito is born from the experience of Reale, the 3 Michelin-star restaurant of Niko Romito, which incorporates the philosophy of ingredients, research in technique, and great passion, adapting them to a more informal style. A true “middle cuisine”: simple dishes, with impeccable execution, where one can find elegance, freshness, and the utmost expression of flavor.

Italia Cibum will develop this format internationally, starting in the world capitals.



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