Italia Cibum

About Us

Satisfying the market: transforming the brand relationship into a true consumer experience.


Valuing excellence

Italia Cibum SpA was founded in 2015 with the idea of enhancing the excellence of Italian food and wine through emotion, experience, and entertainment.
It is the result of the union between different, yet complementary, concepts of entrepreneurship and professional expertise, which blend into a new business concept within enogastronomy.
The excellence of the product, the commitment to identifying innovative distribution methods, and the promotion of "intelligent eating" are the three pillars that give life to an immense variety of artisanal and industrial stories.


An unprecedented offer

The fundamental idea is to create an unprecedented offer, centred on the great Italian cuisine, demonstrated in different fields of experience: restaurant services, marketing, events, communication, enogastronomic tourism, cullinary training, laboratories, catering.


Italia Cibum business portfolio