About us – The “Made in Italy” abroad

Among the most popular and appreciated brands in the world, the “Made in Italy” brand is commonly perceived as synonym of quality. As distinctive factor of “being Italian”, it expressed the excellence of creativity and competence of the our handmadecraft. High quality textile products, elegance in fashion, avant-garde, innovation and style in design, a great tradition of quality and solidity in the automotive industry, excellence in the food and wine sector, are just some of our internationally recognized credits.

In the last few years, in the age of social networks, with a ceaseless innovation, one wonders often if these traditionally shared values have changed and how “Made in Italy” is now in the thoughts or better in the hands of the international users.

For answering to these questions, Blogmeter, a society specialized in the analysis of the social media dynamics, conducted an analysis on the perception of Made in Italy outside the national borders, with the aim of offering to italian companies concrete sociological and marketing ideas useful for brand strategies.

Italian Excellence – a research on Made in Italy abroad” is an integrated investigation that includes both data come from a social network analysis and data from a survey. For these researches they analyzed more than 4 million conversations online on social networks in English in order to rate the volume of them and of the italian themed posts, and to enable a sentiment analysis. This precious source was also integrated with data from an online survey submitted to a sample equally distributed in five different countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, France, United States and Russia.

The social network on which most people talk about Made in Italy is Instagram: in fact, three million conversations were found here (three-quarters of the total recorded) which produced a total of 97 million interactions. After a sentiment analysis they can assert that the mood is generally positive: the most frequent words are in fact “beauty”, “passion” and “wow”. The categories with a larger volume of conversations are the clothing industry (52%), design (20%) and Italian leather (8%); jewels (6%) and architecture (4%) follow, in smaller percentage; only at the last steps, with great surprise, the theme food (2%) and that of the automotive (2%).

What emerged from the online survey, given to the sample, is different. From there it appears that, answering a direct question, the respondent connects Italy to the Food industry in most cases. The recorded percentage is very high: 63%. 42% is the percentage that views Italy associated with fashion, a smaller volume compared to that one recorded on social media. Specifically, it emerged that each country represented in the sample associates Italy more to a sector rather than another: almost all Americans (83%) associate Italy with food; about an half of Germans (45%) thinks about the automotive sector, where we are among the main rivals; 51% of Russians associate Italians with shoes, recognizing us important producers. Finally, it is underlined that, although we are probably their first competitors in the sector, only 1% of French people links Italy to wine.

Also interesting is what emerged from the answers given to the multiple question about the values ​​that the Made in Italy conveys. The main values ​​highlighted confirm the consolidated perception. In fact, the brand is largely considered synonym of beauty, tradition, elegance and quality. However, many aspects seem to have changed. The Made in Italy prosucts are in fact considered difficult to reach, at least in their original version, that is without being affected by imitations. For these and other reasons such as they are expansive, they are therefore considered unattractive and, moreover, also technologically not advanced.

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